Pearl Moon: Fictional Album by Lord Huron

Pearl Moon is a fictional album project of how I anticipate Lord Huron's fourth-coming album to be. As a designer, creative thinker, as well as an idealist, I love conjuring up fictional concepts to better engage myself into the world of Lord Huron's music.


Creativity inspires creativity, and this project is no exception. These photos with captions are a concept Ben Schneider created called 'Postcards'. The photos are, in a sense, snapshots of film-like stills just as if this album were a movie.


All of the song titles and lyrics are written by myself (with the exception of Moon Song, which LH performed live once in 2016 but have not performed since). The postcards tie into storylines, themes, and characters from the existing Lord Huron-iverse. 


The album cover features an embossed front cover design of a full-moon––a minimalistic approach. The back features our two lovers, and the main stars of the album: The Fool and Lily, as referenced in "Fool for Love" music video from the Strange Trails album.


The album begins with pure wanderlust in a '53 Bel Air, finding love under the glow of a pearl moon. The album takes a dark turn in the middle, with The Fool realizing he's taken to another man's girl.


The album reunites with the light and dreamy theme with "Church Bells", which features The Japanese House, Lord Huron's first-ever collaboration with another artist on a full-length album. The album concludes with "Where the Pearl Moon Rises", a love ballad of sorts, something you'd hear Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sing after a wild adventure in the west. 


Pearl Moon, coming March 2020.


Disclaimer: Images are sourced from Unsplash, Pexels, PixBay, and other royalty-free sources. Design work is 100% original, but I do not claim ownership to any of these images. 

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